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Start writing Python, R, or Julia. Visualize with Kibana.

What We Do

We connect all your tools together so that you don't have to.

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Focus on your Data

Your edge will come from the data you analyze, not the infrastructure that you maintain. Stop babysitting your clusters and start focusing on your analysis. We'll manage the clusters for you.


Emrys handles all the server and cloud infrastructure


Emrys manages and integrates state of the art databases


Emrys synchronizes and connects your data and tooling


Emrys allows you to go from 0 to visualization in 5 minutes

People who use Emrys

Data Scientists

Do you love statistical rigor? Stop worrying about which libraries are compatible!


Want to quickly productionize code? Emrys will rescue you from dependency hell!


Want your team to be happier and move faster? Stop piling ops work on them!